Hakim Ajmal Khan TMC Hospital

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Mumbra being an important region in Thane is home to a population of 12 Lakh people. Kausa Hospital was a really important project as it's now one of the few hospitals that offer specialized medical services and advanced medical facilities in Mumbra. Patients in the area can access quality medical care without having to travel. Since the completion of the hospital, the locality has seen significant growth in population.

Originally conceived by us in 2014 by the Thane Municipal Corporation. The hospital is situated on 41,200 sqm of land. The hospital was designed in such a way that the building can be upgraded with 2 more floors in the future without making any changes to the bottom two-floor foundation.

While designing the Kausa Hospital we kept in mind that it provided a modern, functional design that provided patients with a comfortable and caring environment that promotes healing and recovery. The hospital has spacious and well-lit lobby areas that greet visitors upon arrival. The hospital we designed also has wide and easy-to-navigate corridors, with floors made of high-quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain, which helps maintain hygiene in the hospital. The hospital features 100 beds (expandable to 250 beds). The patient rooms at Kausa Hospital are designed to be spacious, and well-ventilated, and feature large windows that allow for natural light. The rooms are also equipped with comfortable beds, bedside tables, and plenty of seating arrangements for visitors. This hospital houses 10 OPDs, 6 Operation Theaters, and 10-bed dialysis beds in addition to ICU and general beds. The premises also houses state of an art radiology departments, Pathology Labs, a Blood Bank, and a Mother & Child Care Centre.

Kausa, Thane
Project Size
41,200 sq. mt.
Project Status
Completed in 2023
  • Architecture
  • MEP
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management