Appasaheb Pawar Auditorium

  • Appasaheb Pawar Auditorium

The city of Baramati is one of the fastest growing tier-2 cities in India. With the city supporting its cultural initiatives, whose expanse has been growing consistently, it was in need of a modern auditorium.

We worked on the design of the Appasaheb Pawar Auditorium that provides a great facility to arrange various functions such as guest lectures, cultural events and technical events. The main hall has a capacity of seating 12,000 people. The entire auditorium is air-conditioned and well-equipped with advanced light and sound systems. It is also equipped with sophisticated audio-visual aids.

To reduce the echo between walls, we used sound absorbing acoustical panels, which has had a great effect.

"The grandeur of this auditorium is truly awe-inspiring for not only people from the city, but for the ones who have visited global landmarks. The structure has a sense of warmth that is truly inviting for everyone; a necessity for a cultural centre."

- Shashi Prabhu
Maharashtra, India
Project Size
xxx sq. mt.
Project Status
Completed in 2015
Project Cost
Rs. 14 cr.
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management