• Nitie

National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) is a prestigious post graduate education institute located in Powai, near Vihar Lake in Mumbai. NITIE borders with the national park and Vihar lake on one side, IITB on other side. It even has its own beautiful little pond. It is probably greenest part of Mumbai.

The NITIE boys’ hostel is a hi-tech multi-story building, which serves 4 super hi-tech elevators having a capacity of 16 people in each elevator. The hostel caters to the residential needs of 550 students. The facility is supported by a hydro-pneumatic sanitation system. The dining hall can cater up to 240 boys at a time with a 12m diameter of dining table with skylight.

While designing we ensured that the look would befit that of a modern hostel while the feel would add a sense of warmth to the usually intimidating ‘hostel’ environment.

“With such a naturally enriched location to work on, we decided to create a design which would not tamper with the beauty of the surrounding nature. We successfully managed to design the hostel building in such a manner that we didn’t cut a single tree and made the most of the exciting natural landscape.”

- Atul Prabhu
Vihar Lake, Powai
Mumbai, India
Project Size
2,30,909 sq. mt.
Project Status
Completed in June 2015
Project Cost
INR 28 Cr.
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management